Decisions about choosing fish

Our friends over at posted this meme about choosing fish and where to get advice from regarding stocking decisions. We hope this image will generate discussion about these important topics.

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Uncompromising Anti Aquarium Activists

It’s my way or the highway – recent proverb
Simple dogmatic answers to complicated situations don’t help anyone – better recent proverb

Instead of working with the Aquarium industry to make things better, anti Aquarium ‘activists’ instead are trying to shut down all wild collection. This myopic view ignores the major issues impacting ocean animal populations (sunscreen, recreational water sports, near shore development, sedimentation, sewage spills, etc) as well as major benefits that well run aquarium fisheries have (economic benefits, respect for the ocean’s bounty, habitat protection and rehabilitation, education, etc). Instead of trying to shut things down for ‘feel good’ reasons , we could all be working together to make things better for concrete and practical reasons. We hope this image generates conversation about this problem.


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Outsidetheglassbox discussed on Reefthreads podcast

Our first positings did generate discussion. How very cool.

Click here to go to the Reefthreads website – from Reefthreads:

“Seven days have passed and we’re back with another podcast. This week we talk about our talks, a thinking website, public aquarium restoration, beginner corals, plumbing, . Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads. If you enjoyed our podcast, please tell others.—Christine and Gary”

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Reaction to HI anti-aquarium lawsuit

From our friends at AquaNerd:
“With the new anti-aquarium lawsuit in Hawaii, we figured a set of memes would be fitting for the situation. The focus is obvious on Mr. Snorkel Bob, one of the biggest aquarium opponents.”
Discussion on the lawsuit can be found on the AquaNerd site here.

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Equipment vs Animals

Animals are cheap – ancient proverb
How we decide to spend our money is a choice and often livestock is somehow considered to be the most inexpensive part of the saltwater hobby and industry. We hope this image generates discussion about how we choose to try to save money.

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People and fish

It looks way different from over here – ancient proverb

Welcome to Outside The Glass Box.

The saltwater hobby and industry is an international creature, and sometimes it seems that people don’t have a good understanding of the process of getting animals from the wild and to aquaria or about the people that help make that process happen. We hope this image creates discussion about who collects the animals for our glass boxes and how they are compensated for that work.

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